Friday, February 3, 2017

A Great App for Tax Time!

As many of your know I love Goodwill.  They are efficient and their stores are usually organized and their employees are super nice and have superb customer service.

No wonder it's my first choice when I drop off my client's donatable items.

It's a huge plus for client's to see their unwanted clothing and accessories, kitchen items, books, and electronics going to a new home that will no longer be considered clutter!

Here is a list of things you CAN donate.

But those donations are tax deductible.  The most donated items that I haul for my clients is clothing. Did you know that you must only claim the fair market value of the clothing which is normally far less than what you paid for it.  Here is some info directly related to how to determine the fair market value.

To better assist you with keeping track of what you've donated Goodwill now has a great app that will help you determine the fair market value and store your donation receipts for your tax preparer at the end of the year.

It's called Mobile GoodWill and is available on both Apple and Android

Click +Add Receipt

Select the category of the donated item; I picked clothing

I picked Women's

Here are the options under Women's Clothing

I picked accessories

Once you tell the app how much you have it automatically tallies it up
So that's it!  Happy donating and staying organized, productive, and dexterous! 😉

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